Planning Case
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Section 62.106.1(a)(4) LAMC provides for the Bureau of Engineering to collect a fee for the preparation of required reports in conjunction with certain planning cases referred from the City Planning Department. The Bureau of Engineering fee is for the investigation of street dedication and improvement requirements, as well as for the processing of a report to the City Planning Department. This report will provide specific recommendations of the Bureau of Engineering for your project. Additional fees and costs may be required after the investigation and report including, but not limited to, construction permits, improvement plan preparation, utility and pole relocation, traffic signals, sewerage facilities charges, street trees, and dedication processing. Applicants should allow sufficient time for these activities. Failure to comply with all of these requirements may delay the completion of your project.
If any of the conditions below are applicable-FEE IS REQUIRED:
New construction of a commercial, industrial or mixed use (with residential) building
Additional floor area for an existing commercial, industrial or mixed use building
Residential new construction that results in three or more dwelling units
Additional floor area that results in expanding the building envelope and adding additional dwelling units in an existing residential building
Zone Change, not incident to a subdivision application
Legalization of any commercial, industrial or residential floor area built without permits.
If any of the conditions below are applicable-NO FEE REQUIRED AT THIS TIME:
A Subdivision Application (separate fee required under 62.106.1(a)1 LAMC)
Any filing incident to Subdivision
Only for non-habitable accessory buildings or structures, including Wireless Telecommunication Facilities, over height fences and retaining walls.
Conditional use permit (including alcoholic beverages),or zone variance that does not involve new construction, additional dwelling units or additional floor area.