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Heading Bullet    New Fire/Paramedic Station 36
San Pedro - Council District 15

Presently the resources at Fire Station 85 and Fire Station 112 cover the area that will become Fire Station 36’s district.  Fire Station 36 will service the community of San Pedro.  The district that new Fire/Paramedic Station 36 will cover is predominately residential with oil refineries and harbor waterfront.

Reason for Project
Response times in this area do not meet the Fire Department’s goal of 5 minutes 90% of the time. Because of the relatively long distance to the subject area, the only remedy is to build a fire station within the area.

Projected Resource Workloads
Community planning census information and Fire Department historical incident data have been used to project resource workloads.  It is projected that the number of responses will increase 12.1% for apparatus assigned to the San Pedro area will increase by the year 2010.
Service Area Population Growth
Community planning census information indicates that the population growth for San Pedro has increased steadily and is projected to increase to 88,927, which is a 22.3% increase by the year 2010.


New Fire/Paramedic Station Description

Includes the purchase of a 3/4 acre site and construction of an approximately  7,500-sq. ft. Satellite Fire Station.

Fire Facility Location

The new site is located at 1005 N. Gaffey.

New Fire Station 36

Current Progress

Architect: Killefer Flammang Architects

Phase: Complete


Tentative Schedule

Property Acquisition May 2001 - July 2003
Design Phase January 2003 - June 2004
Contractor Bid & Award Process June 2004 - March 2005
Construction Phase March 2005 - July 2007