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Heading Bullet    New Standard Fire/Paramedic Station 64
South Los Angeles - Council District 15

New Fire/Paramedic Station Project Description

Includes the purchase of  property to increase the size of the parcel to a 1 acre site.   Replace existing fire station with a new 15,250-square foot Standard Fire/Paramedic Station.

Conceptual Drawing of New Fire Station 64

Fire Facility Location

Currently, Fire Station 64 is located at 118 W. 108th Street.  The new site is located at 10811 S. Main St.

Fire Station 64's District

Current Progress

Architect: Meyer and Allen

Phase: Complete

Tentative Schedule

Property Acquisition May 2001 - May 2003
Design Phase June 2003 - August 2004
Contractor Bid & Award Process May 2004 - December 2006
Construction Phase November 2006 - June 2010