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Heading Bullet    Existing Fire Station 83
Encino - Council District 5

Existing Fire Station 83

Fire Station 83 is located at 5001 Balboa Blvd and was constructed in 1948. The Fire Station is approximately 5,150 square feet, is staffed by 4 firefighter, and houses an Engine Company along with an Emergency Lighting Unit.  The Fire Station  provides service for the Encino community and covers an area approximately 6.57 square miles.  When Fire Station 83 was originally built, the district was mainly agricultural with some residential. The area has since grown into a sprawling residential and retail district with many expensive homes, apartment complexes and high rise buildings.

Reason for Project
The existing fire station is too small to adequately allow for flexibility in resource deployment.  The main systems are antiquated along with the site is too small to accommodate a replacement Standard Fire/Paramedic Station.

Evaluation Of Current Facility
Deficiencies noted by Bureau of Engineering survey: Space, Seismic, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Building Code, ADA, Fire Protection Systems, and Separate Gender Facilities.

Projected Resource Workloads
Community planning census information and Fire Department historical incident data have been used to project resource workloads.  It is projected that the number of responses will increase 9.6% for apparatus assigned to Fire Station 83 by  the year 2010.
Service Area Population Growth
Community planning census information indicates that the population growth for Encino has increased steadily and is projected to increase to 79,352, which is an 18.5% increase by the year 2010.