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Heading Bullet    Existing Fire Station 94
Crenshaw - Council District 10

Existing Fire Station 94

Fire Station is located at 4470 Coliseum Street.  The Station was constructed in 1960 and is approximately 10,568 square feet.  It houses a Task Force and two Rescue Ambulances, for a total staffing of 12 firefighters and 2 paramedics.  Fire Station 94’s district includes the Crenshaw Mall, Dorsey High School and the Baldwin Hills development.  The area that Fire Station 94 serves is primarily a residential community.

Reason for Project/Evaluation of Current Facility
Adjacent property and recent renovations of this Fire Station will serve well to the enhancement of a Regional Fire/Paramedic Station.

Projected Resource Workload
Community planning census information and Fire Department historical incident data have been used to project resource workloads.  It is projected that the number of responses will increase 9.1% for apparatus assigned to Fire Station 94 by  the year 2010.
Service Area Population Growth
Community Planning census information indicates that the population for the Crenshaw District Area has increased steadily and is projected to increase to 200,981 which is a 9.5 % increase by the year 2010.