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Heading Bullet    Existing Air Operations
Van Nuys - Council District 6

Temporary Air Operations Facility

The Fire Department’s Air Operations and General Services Helicopter Maintenance facility were collocated on approximately five acres at the Van Nuys Airport.  The Department of General Services maintains the City's fleet of 30 helicopters at this location.  The Fire Department moved out of this facility and is currently utilizing a temporary location where six Fire Department helicopters are being operated from.  These helicopters serve as an aerial command post and are also used for reconnaissance, water drops, transporting personnel and equipment, air ambulance, along with laying and picking up hose.  In addition, Helicopters are deployed for high-hazard patrol, search and rescue, aerial photography and surveys of target hazard occupancies.

Reason for Project
The old facility was used for 27 years with no expansion or improvement to the facility.  During this time, the City’s fleet of helicopters serviced and stationed at Van Nuys has grown substantially. A survey conducted by the City Engineer noted major operational and safety deficiencies affecting air operations including; take off and landing clearances, helicopter parking and hanger space, clearance between helicopters, parts storage capabilities, and noise affecting the neighborhood.  In addition, a facility to house the assigned staff is also needed.

Evaluation Of Old Facility
The old facility has a number of serious deficiencies and has needed substantial expansion or replacement for many years.  Currently, Air Operations is housed in a temporary facility that is inadequate.  Recent events along with future anticipated events make it more critical to relocate the facility in the near future.

The Fire Department and the Airport Department have agreed on a location that provides adequate space for all operations and permits lift-off in any direction. Crash Company 90 would be relocated from Fire Station 90 and collocated with the Fire Department’s Air Operations.  All other resources at Fire Station 90 will remain at Fire Station 90.